Nancy blessed us with her presence at our sixth child's birth. It was the first time I was able to have a photographer at any of my births and I'm so glad we did! I was worried that a photographer might be too timid to get bold pictures of important moments. I told her I wanted pictures of everything and that she should feel free to get whatever angle she needs to. With a home birth there is a lot more freedom in that respect. When I am in labor I don't really notice anything else, so I don't remember her except as she arrived and left, but my husband said that she took pictures non-stop while also being barely noticed! Quite a talent! The pictures are beautiful! We had a short labor so she did amazing at getting the amount of pictures that she did! She didn't miss a moment! Which is so special for the mama who, in the hard work of labor, can't savor these priceless moments. I love them all! So many friends and family have complimented us on our labor/birth photos. When I think of Nancy I think of her flexibility and calm presence. She will find the beauty in whatever circumstance your labor/birth is in and render it magnificently in photograph. I can't recommend her enough.
                                                                                                                               ~ Lindsey




When I first heard about birth photography I thought it was weird! I thought having a photographer would be distracting or awkward. I thought a photographer might get in the way or ruin the intimacy. I was wrong! The pictures are so precious to me, and each one is a little piece of my heart from that day. The photos captured all of the emotions we felt that day, and I am so glad I have them. I put all of the photos in a book and now I can relive or retell my baby's birth story over and over again.

Nancy was very careful and discreet when taking pictures. She never got in the way of my family members or the doctors. Most of the time, no one knew she was there. Nancy was also very helpful in the delivery room. If I needed something, she was there to provide assistance. She gave me advice and even prayed over me. I'm so thankful she was there to support me. She was my photographer and my advocate!

In today's age we are so quick to grab our phones and view life through a little 2D screen. Because Nancy was there, none of my family members needed to worry about taking photos or capturing the moment. Everyone was able to relax and fully enjoy every little thing. We were able to savor those precious moments without being distracted or frustrated by our iPhone cameras.

Delivering your child is one of the best days of your life. There is no way to describe it, and you're so emotional that it is hard to remember what happened or how you felt. Let Nancy document the look on your face the moment you first see your child. Let Nancy capture the look on your husband's face when the baby comes out. Let Nancy take a picture of your mom holding her grandchild of the first time. You won't have to worry about taking your own pictures, you can just focus on your baby and focus on savoring every little moment. Nancy is an experienced mom who knows exactly what you're going through. She is such a helpful person to have in the delivery room.



I loved how Nancy was able to capture our special moments quietly, we couldn't tell she was there at times.

Nancy not only made me feel comfortable but also beautiful.

She makes you feel like you've known her your whole life.

                                                                                                   ~ Kristen